Tivuch Shelly, 30 Years of Integrity, Variety and Success

Tivuch Shelly, 30 Years of Integrity, Variety and Success

Tivuch Shelly
30 Years of Integrity, Variety and Success

When it comes to a major purchase, involving the commitment of a large sum of money, trust is a big factor — trust in the product one is buying and in the seller. There is generally no more major purchase in a person’s life than a home, often involving a substantial mortgage extending over several years. Trust is something that is not bought, it is earned. It comes from establishing a solid reputation built over a period of time through believability and through supplying faithful and reliable service.

Regarding trust, there is no more solid firm than Tivuch Shelly, a company with proven credentials
of integrity and reliability. Tivuch Shelly is headed by Shelly Levine, a veteran Olah from the US who has sold many hundreds of housing units in Israel over the past 35 years to new Olim and veteran Israelis, focusing on Jerusalem, Ma’aleh Adumim, Beit Shemesh, Modi’in and Tel Aviv. She understands what people want in their homes, and makes sure, together with the developer,that they get it. Shelly works with the client from firstcontact to completion, including personal assistance in securing mortgages on the best possible terms. Shelly works only with developers with established reputations for excellence.

There are two other important elements besides trust that Tivuch Shelly has to offer that many other realtorsdo not have. It is called variety and flexibility. TivuchShelly offers housing opportunities of various types in an assortment of locations, at different price levels, and with varying occupancy schedules. In total: a mix that offers something for just about everyone.

Examples of current new projects:

For those looking for housing now in one of Jerusalem’s newest, most dynamic and fastest growing areas, there is Arnona Place, an ultra-modern, three-building development in the city’s Arnona neighborhood, where many people, both native-born Israelis and Olim, are Arnona, Jerusalem, hot new location, available now flocking. Arnona Place offers all of the conveniences of state- of- the- art housing, including underground parking and a spacious open plaza, as well as a location along one of Jerusalem’s major public transportation routes, which will include a light rail line. Since Arnona is stilla neighborhood “on the rise,” prices at Arnona Place are much more affordable than in comparable, desirous, veteran neighborhoods in Jerusalem. The first phase of Arnona Place is approaching completion, and purchasers will be able to move in within the next few weeks.

Song of the Prophets on Hanevi‘im Street puts one literally into the heart of the Holy City and is being offered at a great price. A longer-term apartment project in Jerusalem is Song of the Prophets on Hanevi’im (Prophets) Street in the heart of downtown Jerusalem, bridging the seam be- tween the centuries-old walled city and the new dynamic city of the present day. The new, low-rise building projectwith apartments ranging in size from two to five rooms,is in walking distance of the Old City and the Western Wall, the bustling downtown streets of Jerusalem, the colorful Mahane Yehuda Market, and just steps away from just about every major public transportation line in the city.

For those planning for the year 2020, Tivuch Shelly offers Nofim Gardens in Modi’in, a city of the 21st century located between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv and offering quick and convenient commuting to either city as well as to many other locations in central Israel. Nofim Gar- dens is for those who like green, open spaces and a suburban, low-rise style of life. Nofim Gardens consistsof 24 units in three buildings, encompassing large cottages and duplex apartments – selling well as an excellent value for the money!

In a more advanced planning stage is Gabay Place in the heart of Tel Aviv, a complex of modern high-rise buildings that presents a unique opportunity to invest in the pulsating life of Israel’s throbbing commercial and cultural center that literally is changing before one’s eyes with growing steel and glass towers in every direction. Gabay provides a chance to “get in on the ground (price) floor” by buying into this exciting environ- ment with only a 7% payment required on registration,13% after two years, and the balance of 80% only uponcompletion. An exceptional deal! Shelly Levine calls it one of the best real estate investment opportunities shehas seen in her 30-plus years of experience in the field. Investors will see an immediate, substantial financialgain when the project is completed.

Looking farther into long-term investment, a brand new project will be initiated in the coming weeks in the constantly growing Ramat Beit Shemesh, and next year will see the start of another new housing development in Ma’ale Adumim.

For more information contact – tivuchshellylevine@gmail.com

Web site: https://tivuchshelly.com