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Shechter housing complex in Ramot, Jerusalem is a high-quality residential project in the Ramot Alef neighborhood, located next to the Kehillat Torah community and close to central transportation lines in the city.‎ ‎ ‎‎ A private neighborhood with 7 residential buildings , approximately 240 units, and includes breath-taking views, shopping, and synagogues to enhance your religious life.   Schechter provides everything needed for a high-quality residential experience. ‎‎The Shechter Group starts with environmental development and the highest quality of construction and ends with special care and attention to the smallest details in the apartments themselves. These include; Sukkah Balconies, Shabbat clocks, 2 kitchen sinks, a commercial complex, a covered parking lot, kindergartens, a playground, a tenants lounge, and Synagogue to name a few. The diverse range of apartments includes two, three, and four bedroom apartments, as well as feature-rich garden apartments and luxurious penthouses. The apartments will include spacious sukkah balconies and overlook the open view to create an exclusive, holistic residential experience. The apartments were meticulously planned by Yigal Levi Architects, with an emphasis on residents’ quality of life, starting with environmental development, the quality of construction, planned and adapted to perfection for the ultra-Orthodox public, down to the smallest details of the apartments. 2 bedrooms (3 rooms) + 90 Sqm. balcony - ~ 76 Sqm.    3 bedrooms (4 rooms) + balcony - ~ 99 Sqm.     4 bedrooms (5 rooms) + balcony - ~ 116 Sqm. 

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