Gabbai Project Tel Aviv

starting price ₪ 1,850,000

Description of Unit

This Tel Aviv real estate new building project is an excellent choice for those looking to buy real estate in Israel. Gabay Tel Aviv is comprised of luxury Tel Aviv apartments for sale that can be purchased for just 7% down. The buildings will be surrounded by shopping centers, entertainment facilities, excellent transportation options, incredible restaurants, and every convenience imaginable.  

starting price ₪ 1,850,000
Tel Aviv
Heshet Hayamim, Tel Aviv

Description of Project

The project is located in a residential area encompassing 23 dunam near the intersection of Motza and Machal Streets on Rechov Sheshet HaYamim in Tel Aviv The total project will consist of 9 buildings with over 600 apartments The first phase will include 5 buildings, three of which will be 17 stories and two buildings of 3 stories, with 300 units of 2,3,4 and 5 rooms as well as penthouses The second phase will include 3 buildings of 25 stories each and one building of 4 stories, with a total of 350 units. There will be commercial space on the ground level of phase one facing Rechov Sheshet HaYamim Street and beautiful gardens in between the buildings

Floor Plans