About Us

Tivuch Shelly Ltd, established in 1989, is one of Israel’s leading real estate agencies, helping well over 1,000 satisfied English-speaking newcomer families along with investors find their ideal community and home in Israel.

The agency is committed to a unique full-service marketing approach, including: finding the best community, mortgage explanation & advice, liaison to experienced attorneys and drafting floor plan modifications. The agency also acts as the project managers for each project and all changes to the standard design are handled in house.

Tivuch Shelly does not just sell a property and walk away. The agency is completely dedicated to its clients. For Olim Chadash, Tivuch Shelly will assist in finding a rental , free of charge, while they watch the construction of their home. For investors, the agency will take on the role of rental management.

With three offices in Jerusalem, Modi’in, and Ma’aleh Adumim, the company services all of Jerusalem and its surrounding areas.

The agency works ONLY with a select number of proven, top-quality builders and does so strictly on an exclusive basis. No other agency represents the outstanding neighborhoods chosen by Tivuch Shelly. Buyers pay the agency ZERO, as it is compensated 100% by the builders.

Tivuch Shelly is owned and managed by US-born Shelly Levine, a native New Yorker totally committed to customer service and professionalism. She has built her career and company’s reputation on moving mountains — on the building site as well as in red tape bastions such as mortgage banks and lawyers’ offices, all to her clients’ distinct benefit.